Chatbots in Professional Contexts

Building on Real Uses for Chatbot Design

How do chatbots transform various work-related activities within a mid-size company? How can chatbots make our lives easier at the workplace? What are the conditions for their successful implementation? To answer these questions, this paper investigates how three chatbots were implemented and dopted in a professional context based on real user activity.

Chatbots in professional contexts

First, we show how chatbot design processes centered on “innovation” are built on a fragmented vision of human activity. Second, we illustrate how the evolutive capacity of chatbots is inhibited by the compartmentalization of sociotechnical system actors. Next, we explore the emergence of potential forms of usage relevant to the aforesaid actors. To conclude, we discuss the potential advantages of designing chatbots based on actual user activity. The main objective of our research is to demonstrate the relevance of chatbot design processes focused on user groups, AI pertinence, and the evolutive nature of human-chatbot interactions.

Pour citer ce billet : « Chatbots in Professional Contexts », par Marion Gras Gentiletti. Publié sur Carnet de bord d'une ergonome le 11 février 2021. Lien :

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